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Zuid-Holland - Den Haag


Explicit4U heeft een uitgebreide selectie aan dames voor plezier. De dames worden door Explicit4U bemiddeld en zijn vrij om te bepalen wat ze wel en niet doen!

Algemene informatie
Plaats: Den Haag
Province: Zuid-Holland
Land: NLNederland
Telefoon: 0613942469
Website: beoordeeld 5.2 van de 10 gebaseerd op 4 reviews.
De bedrijfspagina van Explicit4U is in totaal 3944 keer bezocht vanaf startdatum 26-11-2017.
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Top dame, mooie nacht

Ik heb afgelopen woensdag een topnacht gehad met een dame. Zij was zeer professioneel en heeft mij erg op mijn gemak gesteld. Champagne was echt heerlijk. Ik zou zo weer boeken. Dankjewel Explicit4you voor deze mooie ervaring

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The photos of "Joyce" are actually stolen photos of international models Abbey Clancey and Candice Swanepoel. Neither of these women will arrive at your door. Scam site. Beware.

Door - 12 June 2019 om 18:19
Hi Jan. It's up to the girl wether if she wants on the website with real pictures or not. In this case the girl proberly did'nt and thus you saw look a like photo's which is unfortunately common these days.

There's often costs involved in doing photoshoots as well so agency's are very carefull with this. You should have asked wether that's the real girl or not on the phone.

Door Jan - 13 September 2019 om 21:25
This reaction is pie in the sky. It may be up to the lady if she wishes her photos to appear or not. This is not licence to use the photos of someone she wished she looked like. Photo theft, use of another persons image without consent for personal profit and false advertising are all actually illegal. Them's the laws, I'm afraid. No business is exempt because they don't like it.
There is a cost for photo sessions because that's how photographers make a living. Just because you can't afford to or don't want to spend that money doesn't mean you can steal a photographers work and a models work and pass them off as your own. You're stealing what someone else paid for. I fancy a new car. But there's a cost. Doesn't mean I can go out and steal one instead.
Finally, no. It is not up to the customer to ask if the "product photo" is real. No company operates like this. If the photo is not accurate the company needs to provide a disclaimer that the photo does not reflect the product. You don't find Amazon telling you that you should have asked if the photo was real first before they send you an inferior product. You don't post photos of a Ferrari and send someone a Volvo and say they should have asked if the photo was real first.

Door Jan - 13 September 2019 om 22:03
Jeroen, As you are involved in erotic web design I would warn you to be careful of knowingly using photos you are aware are the property of someone else. As a business owner I'm sure you're aware of the penalties of using the intellectual property of another for profit. As I see you also do photos I'm sure you would be not happy if someone stole your work without paying you for it for their own profit. Or perhaps you prefer to do all this for free and not make a living and your website is a purely charitable operation where you provide work and photos to profitable businesses for fun? I think not. If you provide a photography service I do not think you should condone theft from other photographers.

Door - 16 September 2019 om 07:59
Hi Jan. Thank you for your comment. Lets not get too deep in this argument, this is not up to you, me or anybody else then except for the agency and / or girl. I personally would suggest that real photo's would make a overal better service, but many girls choose for escort because of it's privacy. Therefore many girls do not desire having photo's made in that matter. A quick and dirty, look a like photo's are often chosen to at least give a imagination for the customer.

I fully agree with you that this should not be a common practice, but thats simply the quality you are paying for. If i would have an agency, i would put minimal quality guidelines so customers know what to expect and what they are paying for.

It's just not up to me, but the agency in this case. Explicit4u is not asociated with me and i'll defenitly not give the advice to use fake photo's in the first place. Taking photo's from a photographer or model without permission, again i agree, and there are clear laws on that matter as well. If they take the risk of being penalised (financially) it's their responsibility as well. I am aware of law related to copyright on photo's where it involves the work of a photographer and the model.

But it's not up to me to police all the way around. People pay for a certain service and if that is the service they want then go ahead.

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Ik heb een slechte ervaring

Ik ben een ervaren wandelaar en heb onlangs in Rotterdam een afspraak gehad met Mali. De foto's zien er veelbelovend uit, maar in het echt viel deze dame mij heel erg tegen. Niet fris, had het gevoel dat ik met een junk te maken had. Ook weinig initiatief van haar kant.

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Niet ontevreden maar kan beter

Kan even duren voor de dame er is.

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